Thursday, December 17, 2020

Making a Caribou

 This fall I was lucky to be accepted as a pattern tester for Legit Kits for testing their Legit Caribou. It is a great pattern to test, and I am so happy that I can use fabrics from my stash for the complete project!

This is a BIG one, 60"x 80" quilt top, all done in foundation paper piecing. This picture shows three rows, there will be 64 blocks total. I love the colors of this one, it is just like the winter sky with the different shades of pinks, blues and purple.

 It is a very big project to photograph, and I was able to take the blocks outside on my deck for a photo shoot. The winter light doesn't give the colors full credit. I was lucky that there was no wind to blow the papers/fabrics away!

 This is a fun project, and occupies most of my spare time for the time being. 


 Lucky me to find this quote on the selvedge of one of the fabrics I'm using for the antlers, it is so appropriate when doing FPP; take your time and get a great result!


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Modern Plus Quilt

This is my last charity quilt for the year, and probably also for a long period of time. I need a break to focus on my own things.

It is a colorful quilt for a teenager, and it measures 48" x 64"

The Modern Plus Quilt is a super design for using up scraps or leftovers from other projects. I used a tutorial from the blog In Color Order .

 A great stash buster!

I wanted to show off a detail of the quilt's upper right corner. This is an example of the fun fabrics in this quilt.

This is my charity quilt number 20 for the year 2020, and number 64 all time for the children's ward at the hospital.


Monday, November 23, 2020

Picnic Pinwheels Quilt

 While tidying up my sewing room a couple of months ago, I found a paper copy of the Picnic Pinwheels Quilt pattern designed by Chelsea of Patch the Giraffe. I immediately knew this design would look fabulous in bright batiks. After finishing up other projects, I started making these brilliant blocks.

 I used batiks I had purchased from Connecting Threads a few years back. A snow  white background makes the pinwheels sparkle!

A fun print from Ikea a few years back was used for the backing. Warm and White cotton batting together with a cross hatch quilting design using an ivory colored thread, makes a stunning quilt. A striped binding is the icing on the cake!

The quilt measures approximately 40" x 51" at this stage.

I was a little concerned about the bright colors of the batiks, so off it went in the washer and dryer. The color catchers absorbed only a small amount of excess color, and I love that the white is still sparkle bright. Nothing beats a fresh, newly washed and dried quilt. That yummy texture!


Monday, November 16, 2020

Jelly Roll Race Quilt

 My quilt guild had a sew-together weekend a couple of weeks ago, and this quilt was one of the ones I pieced together.

I had the 2.5" strips cut out using my AccuQuilt cutter. The colors are typical fall colors, and I added a warm yellow solid for interest.

Making a Jelly Roll Race quilt is quite fun. There are lots of videos on YouTube showing how to do it. You need approximately 42 strips of 2,5" x WOF for a good sized quilt. My quilt measured 48" x 64" finished.

 I took the quilt out for a photo shoot on a disc golf course near my home. It was a foggy day which gave a somewhat spooky feeling to the picture. The color of the target matches the quilt perfectly. 


 I had the most perfect quilt backing in my stash, it was big enough to cover the whole piece. The design reminds me of very detailed petroglyphs (stone paintings). The background color matches the front of the quilt to perfection.

This is my charity quilt number 19 for the year, and number 63 all time for the children's ward at the hospital.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Cats, Cats, Cats!

I love cats. There were always cats around when I grew up on a farm.

For this charity quilt I gathered all the cat fabrics I had, and some fish fabric (cats got to have food, right?!).

I couldn't get myself to cut up the fabrics in small pieces, so there had to be big blocks. The fish were smaller, four patches were OK for those.

 For interest I added some longer strips of cat fabrics bordered by yellow solid, and made this cross over the quilt. The background fabric is a neutral with a subtle leaf print. The quilting is "straightish" lines in diagonal done with the walking foot.

The finished size of the quilt is approximately 41" x 60".


 My favorite print in the quilt is this one. I wish I had more of this, those lazy cats are so adorable!

This is my charity quilt number 18 for the year, and number 62 all time for the children's ward at the hospital.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Plaid-ish Quilt


After seeing this Plaid-ish tutorial by Kithen Table Quilting I just knew I had to make my own version of the quilt. 

I had gotten hold of a variety of red/pink scraps, and played around with the values to make the best-looking color combination. It is a scrappy quilt, but you can really see the plaid-ish design.

Doesn't this look like a nice quilt to cuddle in during cold fall evenings?

When making a quilt like this it is recommended to check the values of your fabrics with black/white photos on your phone. I did this early in the design process, and as you can see there is good contrast between the different fabrics in the finished quilt top.

The full-color picture shows a colorful quilt that turned out to be 46" x 64" when finished. Straight-line quilting was done with the walking foot with a pink thread.

Three pieced backing consists of three different fabrics.

This is my seventeenth charity quilt for the year, and number 61 all time for the children's ward at the hospital.


Friday, September 25, 2020

Sweet Baby


I dived into my stash bins once again and gathered cute fabrics for a baby quilt. This time there is a farm theme with lots of animals.

The backing is a lovely double gauze, so soft and cuddly. The free motion quilting shows off very well on the back.

This is my sixteenth charity quilt for the year, and number 60 all time for the children's ward at the hospital.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Stripes Galore

This time I got hold of lots of striped fabrics and some other nice, colorful prints. This turned into a very cheerful quilt consisting of 192 blocks of finished size 4".

The backing is a colorful sheet .

This quilt demanded an old fashioned diagonal quilting, see how cuddly it got after the quilting was done!

This is my fifteenth charity quilt for the year, and number 59 all time for the children's ward at the hospital.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Blue Charity

I had a bunch of matching fabrics that was perfect for a boy's quilt, different blues with browns and neutrals. The fabrics were cut into 5" squares and puzzled into a pleasing design. I even had room for a single pinwheel block and some improvised blocks from leftovers.

The finished size is 45" x 54" and quilting is done in a cross hatch design with two different golden colored threads. The backing is a brown checkered flannel, which makes the quilt nice and cuddly.

I utilized leftover batting pieces and made a "Frankenbatting" piece that fit exactly, a win in my book! The final touch was a blue and white striped binding.

This is my fourteenth charity quilt for the year, and number 58 all time for the children's ward at the hospital.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Thrive Quilt

 I joined the #thrivequiltsa hosted by Suzy Quilts and made a crib sized Thrive Quilt in cool blue and green tones. The fabric is Birchtree Lane from Connecting Threads, from a few years back. This is going to be gifted to a little boy, and I know he will be thrilled by all the birds and feathers in the fabric. The backing is a whole piece of the bird fabric in aqua, and that will keep him occupied when he is going to learn to count!

Finished size of the quilt is 38" x 55". It is quilted with diagonal lines, and looks good displayed on the white picket fence.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Christmas in July (then and now) Blog Hop + Giveaway CLOSED

EDIT: The giveaway is now closed, congratulations to @lutzcats for winning!

Welcome to the first day of the Christmas in July (then and now) Blog Hop, which also happens to be my day. Thanks to Carol of  Just Let Me Quilt  for organizing this. The whole schedule is listed below. Make sure to visit the others that are on for today, too. And, last but not least, enter my GIVEAWAY (at the end of this post)!

I have not made a lot of Christmas quilts, but I managed to dig out a couple from my piles.

My first entry is a wall hanging with a cute Christmas Tree. This one was made in 2013. I got to use some of my button stash, also, on this one.

My second entry is the result of a free sew-along in 2017 hosted by Lorna of Sew Fresh Quilts. The 15 different blocks turned into a very nice sampler quit.

This quilt is described in detail in this post: Christmas Came Early .

My favorite quilt holder, the Troll (or the uprooted tree) volunteered to display my quilt in the forest, as always. He is trustworthy!

Make sure to visit the other participants in the blog hop!

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What is a Christmas (in July) Blog Post without a Giveaway?

I am giving away this panel to make a Christmas Countdown Garland. It is from Riley Blake Designs and the selvage dates it to 2017. It is for making a garland of 25 cute mittens, and you will have plenty of time to finish it before Christmas.

To enter the giveaway:

1. Follow my blog and/or follow me on Instagram notqnot  
    Leave a comment that you are following.
2. Comment with telling me best Christmas gift you ever received.

A random winner will be selected August 1.

Saturday, July 11, 2020

Pineapple Pincushion

As a little project in-between, I knitted this little pineapple that can be used as a pincushion. Free pattern by Amanda Berry.

It is sew cute!

Monday, July 6, 2020

Six Hundred

My latest quilt is the result of overflowing scrap bins. When making quilts there will always be scraps. I took a deep dive into my bins and cut 2.5" squares to the max. I tried to get as much fun looking squares as possible; novelty prints, animals, bright colors, etc.

Some of the cutting was done with the rotary cutter, but most with my AccuQuilt Go cutter. That one eliminates wrist pains.

This is how a part of the 20 x 30 block layout looked laid out on my floor.

I assembled the squares with strip piecing. The above picture shows the rows being connected.

Here's the final result, a very colorful quilt consisting of 600 squares, dimension is 40" x 60".

After the strip piecing bonanza, I did not feel like piecing the backing, so I went searching in my stash and found the perfect red Gingham from Riley Blake Designs. You can see a glimpse of it in the top picture in this post.

A design like this definitely calls out for old fashioned diagonal quilting. A combination of walking foot and Aurifil 50wt variegated thread in red, white and blue (#3852) creates extra life to the quilt.

Binding strips were cut 2" wide and hand stitched to the back. Multi colored, striped binding with orange as the main color fits the quilt perfectly.

What's the status of my scrap bins after this ordeal? No visible change, actually!

This is my thirteenth charity quilt for the year, and number 57 all time for the children's ward at the hospital.