Monday, September 30, 2013

Trees are taking shape

Yesterday's made fabric has been cut up in the proper shape, and has now started their lives as Modern Christmas trees! (Or maybe they are more like fall/autumn trees?)

I have joined Christa's Quilt Along for the first time, where we are going to make a wall hanging that will be ready before Christmas. I chose to make improvised trees, and here are a few of them. I am really pleased with the warm, earthy colors.

As I told you in yesterday's post this is leftover fabric from a previous project. Actually I have used the leftovers before, in a mini quilt made for a swap last year. And I still have some leftovers...

I will post more posts as the Quilt Along progresses.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

What will this become?

This made fabric is what I have been working on during the weekend. It will be cut up, of course, and sewn up into something else.

The starting fabric is leftovers from the first charity quilt I ever made. I am glad that I bagged the fabric and kept it for "a rainy day". Now the scraps will get a new life as...

To be continued...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Another charity quilt finished

This is my latest finish within the Charity Category. The top is made from two different Charm Packs, in addition to some dark grey yardage.

 Here the quilt is getting lit by the late-afternoon sun rays on my porch fence. The color combination on this quilt is bright and cheery, but I think the dark grey solid tones it down in such a way that it it will be a perfect quilt for a boy.

The quilt will be donated to my local hospital, and will be given to a long-term ill patient. The size of the quilt is approximately 49" x 62" before being washed. The backing fabric is a duvet cover from IKEA, and the binding is the same dark grey.

The final picture shows the quilt spread out on my porch. The quilting is done with my walking foot, alternately done as a curvy and a straight line. I think you can see the design on this photo.

What is left now is to let it get a cycle in the wash and dryer, and then it will be ready for donation.

Happy sewing, everybody!

Linked up to Richard and Tanya's blog. 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

2013 Aurifil September block

My September block in the 2013 Aurifil Designer of the Month. The block is called "Mr. Blue Sky" after a song by Electric Light Orchestra, and is designed by Kimberly Einmo. You can almost hear the music!

In addition to the block above, I would also like to show you the fantastic sunrise I captured with my mobile phone earlier this week while waiting for the bus. The pictures are taken over a 15 minute period.

I wonder if this could be an inspiration for a future quilt?!

Monday, September 9, 2013


After having made several bed quilts, like my Easy Street, I felt it was time to downsize a little bit. A baby quilt was the perfect thing to make. After looking around on the net, I found this tutorial .The size of the quilt is just perfect.

Here is my version:

The quilt is approximately 39" x 39", and is mostly made of scraps. There are approximately 50 different colored blocks, in addition to white solids.

The result is bright and colorful quilt, with a lot of eye-candy for little eyes. I used all kinds of fabric, different shapes, flowers , cats, novelty prints,and I even found some frogs! I used a color scheme that will suit both boys and girls.

The evening sun in the forest really brightens up the little baby quilt. I really enjoyed making this one, and it came together fast.

I made a pieced back for this quilt, mostly consisting of a cute, vintage flannel duvet cover loaded with flowers and swans. There were also room for a couple of leftover blocks on the back. Actually, the back is so nice that the quilt is completely reversible! Which side that will be used depends on the mood of the baby (or the parents).

I had to have more pictures from the woods, because it was such a lovely, warm afternoon. I love to drape my quilts on trees and rocks out in the forest.

The last picture shows details of the blocks and quilting. It is quilted using my walking foot and straight lines in grass green quilting thread. The different blocks are so busy, and the green thread was just perfect for the pieced back, also. The green thread frames the white squares in a nice way.

I used cotton batting, and the binding is purple polka dots on white background. The quilt will be washed and dried before it finds its new home.

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