Monday, October 24, 2016

Modern HST Sampler - Third Quarter

The third quarter of the Modern HST Sampler quilt along is passed, so it is time to show off six more blocks, #13-18:

I am getting to be an expert in half square triangles in this quilt along. Alyce of Blossom Heart Quilts are showing us several different ways to make HSTs, and I think the designs from Alyce and other designers are beautiful. My favorite so far is the one on the bottom left in the picture above, Whirly-Gig designed by Keera Job.

I have made two more blocks, so here are all the 20 made until now. Just 4 left to go!

I am using Good Neighbors fabric by Amanda Jean Nyberg of Crazy Mom Quilts, with an aqua/grey solid in the background. I love the look of the blocks!

Keep on quilting!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Cutest Baby Quilt

We got news that the baby this quilt was made for was born last Saturday, so now I can post pictures of the quilt in all its glory. I used a tutorial from A Quilter's Table . The only thing I didn't follow was to round the corners and use bias binding.

The fabric I used was most of the collection from Birchtree Lane by Connecting Threads. At the time I made the quilt I did not know whether the baby was a boy or girl. I felt that the colors were pretty unisex, lots of leaves and birds in different colors are scattered all over. My favorite fabric is the feathers on white background.

I quilted it with spiral quilting, above is an in-progress picture at the start of the process. This was my first attempt of this quilting, and I am sure it will not be the last.

This picture shows the completed spiral, the natural light  cooperated very well to show off the quilting. The binding was not sewn on at this point.

My quilt holders (aka sons) helped me with the photo session. The sunlight makes the quilt look transparent.

The backing fabric is Britten Nummer by Ikea. It is my favorite, and I bought a lot of that fabric when it was on sale. You can see the front through the Warm and White cotton batting.

Last, but not least: The baby is a girl, and the parents love the quilt!  I guess the baby girl will cherish the quilt for years to come.

Keep on quilting!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Progress on the Bee Hive Blocks

These are the blocks I have received from the members of my Bee Hive the last month. 12 beautiful houndstooth blocks are on display, but one is missing: Mary was not able to assemble her second block due to a hand injury, so she sent me the pieces. Unfortunately I have not had the time to complete that block.

My own two sample blocks are added to the bottom of this picture. I will show more detailed pictures later when the quilt is being assembled. Still waiting for a few more blocks, and then I will make some more to make it a good lap size.

I am enjoying being a member of this interquiltinential Bee Hive group, getting to know and appreciate the craftswomanship of the other members. This is a truly enjoyable project!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Happy Mail

I was the lucky winner of the Constellate Quilt Kit in a giveaway hosted by Sharon Holland, and the kit arrived in the mail a few days ago.

The  fabric from The Denim Studio by Art Gallery Fabrics is of an excellent quality, and I am looking forward to make this lap quilt. Most likely it will end up in my son's new apartment.

Happy Quilting

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Tuesday Archives

Val's Quilting Studio

I am showing off a pre-blogging item according to Val's Quilting Studio, it is not quilt related since the start of my quilting and blogging phase coincided.

 This is a cross stitch bell pull that I probably made in junior high or thereabouts. I loved to work with cross stitch and embroidery at that time, now quilting has taken over most of my spare moments.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Quilt in the Rain

My latest quilt was finished a few days ago, and yesterday was destined for the big photo shoot. Unfortunately it started raining when we started walking, but since the photo location was very close to home we made a go for it after all.

My quilt holder (aka husband) was sporty enough to accompany me in the ordeal. I brought a plastic cover to protect the quilt and camera in between photos.

This is a charity quilt I made for the children's ward at my local hospital. The fabrics are suited for a relatively small child, so the size of the quilt is approximately 42" x 52" after washing and drying.

We had fun on our walk in the rain looking for good photo locations. The fall colors make a perfect backdrop.

This is a gorgeous tree.

Some semi-man made locations, too. Here you can see the water droplets on the camera lens, it was raining quite a lot.

We also walked by an electric power supply plant.

Since this quilt is going to a sick child, I used a raspberry fabric from Ikea as the backing. The detailed fabrics in the simple patchwork front together with the cheery back ought to be able to keep the mind off the illness for a while.

Here is a detailed picture of one of the panel blocks. I quilted it with a simple crosshatch across the blocks.

This completes my 13th charity quilt for the hospital.

Happy quilting!