Saturday, October 1, 2016

Quilt in the Rain

My latest quilt was finished a few days ago, and yesterday was destined for the big photo shoot. Unfortunately it started raining when we started walking, but since the photo location was very close to home we made a go for it after all.

My quilt holder (aka husband) was sporty enough to accompany me in the ordeal. I brought a plastic cover to protect the quilt and camera in between photos.

This is a charity quilt I made for the children's ward at my local hospital. The fabrics are suited for a relatively small child, so the size of the quilt is approximately 42" x 52" after washing and drying.

We had fun on our walk in the rain looking for good photo locations. The fall colors make a perfect backdrop.

This is a gorgeous tree.

Some semi-man made locations, too. Here you can see the water droplets on the camera lens, it was raining quite a lot.

We also walked by an electric power supply plant.

Since this quilt is going to a sick child, I used a raspberry fabric from Ikea as the backing. The detailed fabrics in the simple patchwork front together with the cheery back ought to be able to keep the mind off the illness for a while.

Here is a detailed picture of one of the panel blocks. I quilted it with a simple crosshatch across the blocks.

This completes my 13th charity quilt for the hospital.

Happy quilting!


  1. The quilt looks very nice. Like real vintage treasure. Do you ever get feedback on how the quilts are being received in the children's ward. I assume they will be put to good use I wondered if the hospital admin ever said- it is being loved and used all the time or something in that order. =)

    1. The kids who are having a long-term illness and have to stay in the hospital for an extended time, get a quilt to keep for themselves for ever. We get feedback from the hospital that these gifts are highly appreciated.
      I heard a story from another hospital that has the same donations, about a little girl with cancer that received a quilt with teddy bears on. She was so sick that the only thing she could do was to stroke the teddy bears on the fabric on and on while she smiled a tiny smile. She got great comfort from the quilt.

  2. That looks great. What a quilter won't brave for a good photo shoot!!! lol

  3. this will certainly brighten up the day for the poorly child who is lucky enough to have this on their bed, well done making 13.

  4. Nice simple design to comfort a child in need, wonderful!

  5. What a precious quilt Anita, some little child will love it! That is so neat that your husband was such a trooper and helper in the rain!

  6. I too have a quilt that needs a photo shoot, but I haven't been brave enough to take it out in the rain as I didn't have a partner and didn't way to lay it out on the wet ... well wet everything. I am hoping this weekend gives me a little clear time.
    It is a lovely little quilt and I am sure it will be loved. Great job!

  7. what a great quilt- thanks for sharing

  8. A perfect quilt for rainy day. Love the colors and the backing is fun. Congrats on a lovely finish.

  9. Well the autumn colours go with the rain for sure! Someone's going to love being tucked up in it, it's a great finish :)

  10. Well done on those 13 quilts! What stalwarts you and the quilt holder are to continue the photo shoot in the rain! Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday


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