Monday, November 28, 2022

Colorwash Quilt

 This quilt is the result of the sew-along initiated by Terry Rowland of @trowstudios. Using scraps to make improvised 3.5" blocks and then sew the blocks into a colorwash design. I dug into my scrap bins and started making blocks.

After making about 10 blocks a day it took me a little bit over a month to make all the 320 blocks needed for my quilt, in all colors I had available in my scrap bins.

This is the resulting colorwash quilt. The colors go (almost) seamlessly over from one part of the quilt to the other. The quilt measures 48" x 60" and is my favorite make so far. Who would think that a bunch of scrap fabrics could result in this beauty?!

The quilt was taken out for a photo shoot on a windy Novermber day. No problems for my quilt holder to hang onto it.

As you can see there is no snow yet where I live. Actually it is very warm for being late November. The colorful quilt really brightens up the surroundings.

The backing fabric is an interesting one. For the binding I used a striped fabric in black and white.

I used cotton Hobbs batting with scrim binder for the quilt sandwich.

Using all kinds of fabrics for the blocks can result in surprises, like this ODD block. I love it!

The quilting was done with Aurifil thread 50wt, shaded light grey in color #4060 and white #2021 in the bobbin in an organic style.

Striped binding for the win!

No, my scrap bins didn't shrink much in volume after completing this quilt... 

Keep on quilting!


Monday, November 14, 2022

Kawandi Needle Book

 Sometimes I just want to sit down and relax with a slow stitching project, no time limits, just for fun. Kawandi quilts seem to be my new relaxation.


This time I used blue and green scraps to make a needle book, this is the finished product.

The process started like this. The little quilt started like this. It is completely hand sewn. I used Aurifil 12wt thread in color 2720, a thread that was a good match for the scraps of fabric.

The completed fabric all stretched out, measuring approx. 4" x 8". A button and a crocheted loop was added for closure.

The inside (or backing) of the Kawandi is the softest flannel. A few pieces of wool fabric was cut with my pinking shears and sewn in for my needles.

Another tiny Kawandi project is completed, it feels good!

Keep on quilting!