Thursday, December 17, 2020

Making a Caribou

 This fall I was lucky to be accepted as a pattern tester for Legit Kits for testing their Legit Caribou. It is a great pattern to test, and I am so happy that I can use fabrics from my stash for the complete project!

This is a BIG one, 60"x 80" quilt top, all done in foundation paper piecing. This picture shows three rows, there will be 64 blocks total. I love the colors of this one, it is just like the winter sky with the different shades of pinks, blues and purple.

 It is a very big project to photograph, and I was able to take the blocks outside on my deck for a photo shoot. The winter light doesn't give the colors full credit. I was lucky that there was no wind to blow the papers/fabrics away!

 This is a fun project, and occupies most of my spare time for the time being. 


 Lucky me to find this quote on the selvedge of one of the fabrics I'm using for the antlers, it is so appropriate when doing FPP; take your time and get a great result!