Tuesday, May 19, 2020

It's Cool To Be Square

Welcome to my stop in this Blog Hop hosted by Carol of Just Let Me Quilt.

My entry is the #Interlockedquilt by @broadclothstudio.

The rules for this blog hop were simple: "Make a project that's square shaped or has squares in the fabric."

I knew immediately what I was going to make, Broadcloth Studio released their Interlocked Quilt a few days earlier. The pattern is a modern wall hanging of 24" square, and the design really spoke out to me with the interlocked squares.

I don't have a big supply of solids, but I had the exactly right colors for this project. A light pink background fabric, light blue and dark orange/brick color for the solid squares, and navy for the striped block.

A square quilt in a cool colorway.

I quilted the mini with the walking foot, using masking tape to mark the quilting lines. The quilting was done with 50wt Aurifil thread #2423, a perfect match.

The backing fabric is a great graphic print in matching cool colors.

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Thanks to Carol for organizing this great blog hop!

Keep on quilting!

Friday, May 15, 2020

Citrus Split in Blue

Meet my Sitrussplitt quilt (or Citrus Split) designed by Daisy Aschehoug from @warmfolk . The pattern was published in the Norwegian publication "Quiltemagasinet".

I chose to make my modern table runner in blues instead of Daisy's original in red and orange. In addition I omitted one of the ovals from the original pattern since I don't have such a long dining table.

The ovals were made with templates from @pappersaxsten . The fabric I used are from the line 'Birchtree Lane 'by Connecting Threads, in addition to white solid.

After the two ovals were connected to construct the quilt top, the fun part began: Slicing!

The resulting table runner is a fun one with stripes cutting through the ovals. The dotted green binding adds more life to the runner.

We have had a strange spring this year, it is the middle of May and still snowing! The green in the stripes and binding represents the hope of spring breaking through the snow and ice of the blues.

The piecing of the table runner was done with Aurifil 50wt in pure white #2024, and the stipple quilting was done in Aurifil 40wt in the same color. The binding was hand sewn to the back with Aurifil 50wt #2843. I used Hobbs Thermore as the batting in the quilt sandwich.

I had this beautiful fabric in my stash to use as the backing. It looks like fine porcelain!

I have added a new, beautiful table runner to my collection of quilted items. Let the spring come, now!

Keep on quilting!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Summer Tote To Chase Away Winter

We are almost in the middle of May, and Mother Nature decided we hadn't had enough of winter, yet. It has been snowing every day this week, but thankfully the sun manages to melt most of it during the day.

I really just had to make something to chase the winter away, and what other than a colorful tote bag?!

I used the new NÄBBFLY home decor fabric from Ikea, and that one is definitely giving me a tropical feel.

I used the Market Tote tutorial from BijouLovelyDesigns as the basis of my tote construction.

I hope the three tropical birds on my new tote will flap their wings in unison and create a warm wind that will chase the winter away! I definitely have had enough of the snow!

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

42 Is The Ultimate Answer

42 is the answer to the "ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything" according to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams.

What a fortunate "accident" when making the Moda Village quilt that the number of houses summed up to exactly 42! The houses are built on solid foundation and will stay there forever.

Another reason for making this quilt was the Scrappy House Block Challenge by Persimon Dreams.

Making quilts has a side effect, scrap bins are overflowing. I have a tendency to keep the tiniest pieces of scraps, you never know when they may come to good use! This challenge was a great chance to put a dent in my piles.

This FOOD fabric by Timeless Treasures was a giveaway prize a few years back. I have already made two charity quilts with the fabrics, and it was wonderful to use the last scraps in this house quilt!

This quilt is planned to be donated to the children's ward at my local hospital. With the situation being as it is now, it is somewhat uncertain when they will be able to receive it.

This is my eighth charity quilt for the year, and number 52 all time for the children's ward at the hospital.

The original pattern of the Moda Village quilt had the houses much closer to each other, but in these times with social distancing I chose to add wider background pieces of scraps from Britten Nummer to keep them further apart. The background fabric also helps counting the houses.

The backing fabric is the cute "Bah, bah, BABY" from Windham Fabrics. I did loopy free motion quilting in an off-white color all over the quilt.

The backing fabric was not wide enough, so I added a strip of matching grey checked flannel on the side. Finished size of the quilt is 51" x 63".

I am very pleased with the resulting "Social Distancing" quilt. It is colorful and happy, and hopefully soon the society will open up again.

I made another quilt right at the time the country was being closed down due to the virus in March, and that was to keep myself sane in the difficult times when the situation was a lot more uncertain. That quilt is shown HERE.

Keep on quilting!