Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Summer Tote To Chase Away Winter

We are almost in the middle of May, and Mother Nature decided we hadn't had enough of winter, yet. It has been snowing every day this week, but thankfully the sun manages to melt most of it during the day.

I really just had to make something to chase the winter away, and what other than a colorful tote bag?!

I used the new NÄBBFLY home decor fabric from Ikea, and that one is definitely giving me a tropical feel.

I used the Market Tote tutorial from BijouLovelyDesigns as the basis of my tote construction.

I hope the three tropical birds on my new tote will flap their wings in unison and create a warm wind that will chase the winter away! I definitely have had enough of the snow!

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  1. This is a happy bag! I have a few in my cue and this is making me think they should rise to the top!


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