Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Placemats

In June I saw this tutorial on simple place mats from Pat Sloan . This is exactly what I needed for my house, so I cut fabric for 8 of them, and took it with me to my vacation home. After relaxing from the travel, this was the perfect project to start with for getting into the sewing mojo.

The place mats are very simple to make, just two different home decor weight fabrics, and they are a reversible! If I get tired of the mexican look, I just switch over to the blue flowers on the white background.

I am now the owner of eight new place mats, and am ready for any dinner event! Since there are no batting involved there is no problem with glasses tipping over, etc. The two layers of fabric is sufficient to protect your table.

Now I have gotten the sewing energy back, and am currently quilting my Summer Slice Scrap Buster quilt.

Happy quilting!

Friday, July 25, 2014

July Goal for ALYoF accomplished

My Summer Slice Scrap Buster quilt top is done, just what was my goal for July . The top is approximately 57" x 71" and consists of 82 different fabrics, all from my stash or scraps.

I finished the top early in July, and it is already basted and ready for quilting, see this post.

Maybe I will be able to quilt it before the month is over?

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Violet Days

This is my first attempt of curved piecing. Inspired by the Daffodil Days Pillow featured at the Forth Worth Fabric Studio blog, I decided to make my own, in soft violet tones.

This will be a nice addition to my sofa. One can never have enough pillows, right?!

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Benefit of Big Meeting Room Tables

A Saturday Night in July, a summer quiet working place, a meeting room with a big table, what is better than that when it comes to basting a big quilt?

Here my Summer Slice Scrap Busting quilt top is ready for basting. No need for crawling on the floor getting soar knees and back, decent working height, and the best of all DS2 as a very good helper. Just a minimum of instruction necessary, and he worked like a busy bee. We finished the basting of this quilt in less than 45 minutes, with no pain, whatsoever, and we had a great time doing it.

The backing fabric is an IKEA duvet cover. The fabric was not wide enough, so I inserted a pieced accent stripe in between the two parts. That brightens up the back, and makes it more interesting.

I am planning to quilt this one with straight lines using my walking foot. More updates will follow.

Monday, July 7, 2014

My Summer Slice (Scrap Buster) quilt top is done!

As I wrote in the previous post about this project, here, the blocks were pretty fast to complete. During the weekend I sewed all the blocks together and completed the quilt top.

This is how it looks on my porch floor, all the 82 different fabrics in their glory. This is a really scrappy quilt!

If you click on the picture and look in the lower right corner, you may see that Dr. Seuss signed the quilt top! I used all kinds of fabrics from my stash and also a lot of scraps if the pieces were big enough. I didn't think I had that many different fabrics, but, when all comes to all there are still many fat quarters and other fabrics from my stash that I didn't cut into.

Now I have actually completed my ALYoF for July, but maybe I will quilt it too before the month is over?

Anyway, I will not struggle with a big quilt on my lap right now, because these last few days we have had temperatures up to 86 F (30 C), and it feels like I am melting. This is very hot for where I live, it doesn't often get over 70 F during summer. In addition the houses are insulated to keep the heat in during winter, and not out during the few "hot spots" we get in the summer. Fortunately, we got some rain this evening, so the outside temperature fell about 25 F. We have to air out the house now to be able to sleep tonight! (As you may understand, AC is not a standard equipment in homes where I live).

Happy quilting in the heat!

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

2014 Aurifil July block

The July block is designed by Camille Roskelley, and is called "On the plus side".

I chose to make it in a sweet, summery color palette. This is block number 7, only 5 more to go until the set is complete.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Progress on my Summer Slice quilt

These are my first four Summer Slice blocks, only 16 more to go.

This is a real scrap buster, I cut up 82 different fabrics for the quilt! If you want to make one of your own the tutorial is here: Summer Slice quilt, by Cluck Cluck SEW.

This is how the pieces looked before they were assembled into the bigger blocks. It creates an interesting effect, and the blocks look a lot more complicated than they really are.

Happy quilting!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

July Goal for ALYoF

I didn't set a goal for June since I did not manage to complete my May one within the deadline. But, a few days ago I finished my May Goal, one month late... Now I feel confident to be able to set a goal for July, and have a good chance of finishing it.

These are all my pieces for the quilt, 80 rectangles of 6" x 8", and 80 strips of 2.5" x 8". I have 82 different fabrics here, so it will definitely be scrappy!

My inspiration is this quilt from Cluck Cluck Sew.

My goal for July is to piece the quilt top. The actual quilting will be done later.

Have a great summer!