Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Placemats

In June I saw this tutorial on simple place mats from Pat Sloan . This is exactly what I needed for my house, so I cut fabric for 8 of them, and took it with me to my vacation home. After relaxing from the travel, this was the perfect project to start with for getting into the sewing mojo.

The place mats are very simple to make, just two different home decor weight fabrics, and they are a reversible! If I get tired of the mexican look, I just switch over to the blue flowers on the white background.

I am now the owner of eight new place mats, and am ready for any dinner event! Since there are no batting involved there is no problem with glasses tipping over, etc. The two layers of fabric is sufficient to protect your table.

Now I have gotten the sewing energy back, and am currently quilting my Summer Slice Scrap Buster quilt.

Happy quilting!

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