Tuesday, October 4, 2016

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Val's Quilting Studio

I am showing off a pre-blogging item according to Val's Quilting Studio, it is not quilt related since the start of my quilting and blogging phase coincided.

 This is a cross stitch bell pull that I probably made in junior high or thereabouts. I loved to work with cross stitch and embroidery at that time, now quilting has taken over most of my spare moments.


  1. You stitched that yourself!!!! Amazing, Anita, just amazing.

  2. I began as a cross-stitcher, too. Still love it but don't work it as much.

  3. a lovely piece I do not do cross stitch but love doing hardanger but the quilting seems to have taken over these days

  4. I too had a cross stitch phase. It coincided with my "make all clothing" phase. Decorated jeans pockets had just come into fashion, so I had each girl pick out a design for her jeans pocket. One chose koalas and the other unicorns. Luckily there were cross stitch books for each. I used wash-away guide fabric and stitched away.After that it was brand name jeans; I couldn't duplicate that. LOL.

  5. My cross-stitch phase did NOT last long...LOL....yours is beautiful!


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