Saturday, August 15, 2020

Thrive Quilt

 I joined the #thrivequiltsa hosted by Suzy Quilts and made a crib sized Thrive Quilt in cool blue and green tones. The fabric is Birchtree Lane from Connecting Threads, from a few years back. This is going to be gifted to a little boy, and I know he will be thrilled by all the birds and feathers in the fabric. The backing is a whole piece of the bird fabric in aqua, and that will keep him occupied when he is going to learn to count!

Finished size of the quilt is 38" x 55". It is quilted with diagonal lines, and looks good displayed on the white picket fence.


  1. So eye-catching! Some little boy is going to grow with this quilt and snuggle into it with so many experiences and adventures! I'm sure the back is just as cool as the front! Great work.

  2. Super cute! Great colors and I'm sure he'll love it for many years!


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