Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Project Quilting 14.6 : FEAR - No More


The challenge for PQ 14.6 was "Conquer a Fear". I have never tried out reverse applique before, I don't know why! Have I been afraid of it? This was the time to get over my fear.

I used freezer paper , traced the letters on the dark green fabric, added the bright green fabric on the back and started zig-zaging.

The SCARY part was cutting out the top fabric layer of the letters, maybe I made the project a little bit on the small side. Using my seam ripper and a sharp pair of scissors it worked out OK.

I conquered my fear and made a grafitti-like embroidery so my statement is: FEAR NO MORE !

A great new mug rug of approx. 5" x 6" to my selection!



  1. This theme is a great excuse to try a new technique. I hope it opens up new possibilities for you in the future now. :)


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