Friday, February 3, 2017

More Folded Hexagon Coasters

In December 2015 I made my first set of  Folded Hexagon Coasters. These are being used daily and are very practical in size, and they look good, too!

There was a need for a new set, but this time in a different colorway. I used six fabrics from Birchtree Lane by Connecting Fabrics.

Blue/green is my all-time favorite color combination, and the browns were added to make the colors pop. The coasters are a perfect size for any cups and glasses, as my favorite mug shows.

I used another fabric from my stash on the backside. As these coasters are made from so many layers of fabric, there is no need for batting to protect any table surface against hot or cold fluids.

An icy picnic table may not be the right place to utilize the coasters, though. This is just to get perfect outdoor pictures.

Keep on quilting!


  1. pretty and practical, seem to remember I downloaded instructions to make something similar must try and find them amongst all the other "stuff" I have downloaded over the years

  2. Way too cute! And I have the ruler to make them! Yea!


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