Thursday, January 26, 2017

Scrappy Debbie Mumm Beauty

My previous charity quilt made last December, shown here , used a panel from Debbie Mumm. I had another one, this time showing portraits of nine cute teddy bears, and that one also had to be the focal point of a children's quilt.

I also had a lot of novelty prints that were perfect to surround the panel.

The panel was not completely square, so I added 3" cream colored strips around it and then squared it up so I could add the squares of the novelty prints around without any construction problems.

The quilt all spread out on my porch. It measures approximately 36" x 54", and is a good-sized children's quilt. All the fun novelty prints will make it a favorite to snug under for a child.

I added a black border, and quilted a free motion design of loops and stars that fitted the fabrics well. My go-to binding for the charity quilts, an orange and multi-colored striped fabric, completed the quilt.

The playground picture shows a glimpse of the Ikea raspberry backing that I often use for the charity quilts.

A close-up of the fabrics and quilting. This completes my charity quilt number 15 to the children's ward at my local hospital. My goal for 2017 is to make a total of 6 charity quilts, I have more than enough fabrics for that!

Keep on quilting!


  1. How lovely! I bet it will bring happiness to a child.

  2. What a happy looking finish =) Some child will be very happy to snuggle under it.

  3. Love the way this came out. It will be well loved!

  4. So cute, some child somewhere is waiting for this!

  5. what a pretty quilt somnay lovely fabrics you have used. Do the hospital keep the quilts or do they go home with the child when discharged?


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