Monday, February 6, 2017

Another Table Runner Made

There's quite a lot of specialty rulers available for quilters, and I wonder how many un-used ones are lying around. For my own sake I have had the Mini Quick Curve Ruler from Sew Kind of Wonderful for a fairly long while, and it wasn't before it was demonstrated at my quilt guild that I "dared" to start using it myself.

I started with the pattern that was included with the ruler, just to get the hang of it. I used fabrics from Connecting Threads; Birchtree Lane in brown and green, and Heather's Garden as the background print.

My frozen deck is a good background for the table runner.

The cutting of the curves was absolutely no problem, but it was kind of intimidating to get all the points to match. Next time I use it I have to try to be more accurate in the cutting/assembling process.

Nevertheless, I don't think there's anybody but me that can see the small "beauty spots" in the runner.
The birch tree outside the fence is fitting very nicely with the fabric line.

The quilt that was shown at the quilt guild meeting was beautifully quilted on a long arm, but I wanted to quilt the runner myself on my domestic machine.

I have done spiral quilting once before, on this baby quilt , and I thought that would be perfect for the inner circles. The "leaves " in green and dark brown were free motion quilted. The background outside the leaves were quilted with dense stippling such that the leaves would "pop" out to a certain extent.

The fabric on the back of the runner is the least busy of the fabrics in the Birchtree Lane line, and this one shows off the quilting very well. The picture was taken before the binding was attached, but you can see the binding fabric on the outside of the runner.

I am very pleased with my quilting on this one, and it gives me more incentive to try out even more quilting designs in the future!

Keep on quilting!


  1. Awesome job, I have never tried any specialty rulers either, but I should!

  2. a lovely runner and the quilting is superb. I too have a variety of specialsit rulers most never used, have the quick curve but not a mini and yesterday got the slash and circle but might return that as it is in cm not inches

  3. It's beautiful, love the quilting. I too have made that one, kinda putzy being small pieces. But I loved the end result.

  4. I can see why you're pleased with the result. That quilting is pretty neat.


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