Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Quilt Doodle BOM 2015 - August's Block

I didn't think that August's block would be so appropriate that it turned out to be, one week ago it was cold and rainy weather, but with the latest heat wave Flip Flops are the only footwear I would like to use! With temperatures around 80 F we are experiencing the hottest weather for the summer!

I wanted to praise the summer with the flower fabric from Ikea (2010) that I had a remnant of. The aqua solid for the toe straps and the yellow flower makes the Flip Flops perfect! Putting the footwear on a fabric that resembles sand on a beach makes me wish that I just kicked these off my feet and went for a swim in the ocean; it is that hot!


  1. very realistic, could do with some of your heat here a lousy summer we have had. Was in Ikea yesterday thought they are cutting don on the lighter weight cotton fabrics but a lot more f the heavier weight, good for bags etc but not what i wanted, trying to find backing for quilts but so far unsuccessful

  2. You won a prize for this block at Quilt Doodles blog. Check it out.


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