Monday, August 17, 2015

Progress on Blocks

This month has not had any finished projects, yet, just added blocks to my pile. First there are the tiny log cabin blocks, looks just like a rainbow in the late evening sun on my porch. A nice selection of scraps in these blocks; just 4.5" square! The Bitty Blocks are looking gorgeous!

The Buzz Saw blocks are also coming along, I am over half way on these. The remaining "saw blades" are cut, just a few background pieces left. Then it will be chain-piecing (!) the blocks, and maybe by the weekend the top will be finished!

I don't have to complete this charity quilt very fast, because the last few days we have had gorgeous summer weather with blue sky, blazing sun and a warm breeze. And the forecast is promising lovely summer temperatures at least one week ahead, and we really need that, because earlier on we have had rain and cold weather. We need to stack up on Vitamin D! No need for warm quilts at this time!


  1. Å så flotte de bittyblokkene dine blir. Jeg skulle også sy dem i dag, men så var det så mange andre ting som måtte gjøres først. Og da jeg endelig skulle begynne å sy, fikk vi besøk. Så det ble med tanken, men i morgen....

  2. what wonderful blocks you have shared with us today I so admire such small blocks with so many pieces of fabric, fiddly to do but oh so effective

  3. Your blocks are wonderful, can't wait to see the finish! Enjoy the warm weather while you can it won't last :-( We have had hot humid days last week but still enjoyed doing outdoot things. It's rainy today, good quilting day.

  4. Your blocks are gorgeous. I'm a big fan of log cabin blocks of any size, but yours are super! Takes patience I'm sure


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