Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Making a friend smile!

A colleague of mine was in Istanbul, Turkey, earlier this year. When she came home she gave me three fabrics she had bought there, quilting cottons with tiny little flowers on. Of course I was surprised and grateful for this fantastic gift. The fabrics were laying around for a long time, but finally I got the time to make something from them. I chose to use my friend's favorite fabric of the three, and made a zippered pouch for her. The free pattern can be found here: . I used the purple flower fabric she loved, and added some fabrics from my own stash.

View of the outside of the pouch.

The pouch is not big, but it is surprisingly roomy.

When I took the gift to work the next day, she was totally surprised! She had a rough day at work, and wasn't feeling all that great. Getting this pouch cheered her up and brought a big smile on her face; she was HAPPY!

I am so grateful for making her day!

Keep on quilting!


  1. Very sweet pouch you made to your friend. Always a good feeling to give away something that gets appreciated.
    Looks like a fun pattern.

  2. there's nothing like giving a gift to a friend in need; oh the joy of making someone happy especially when they're feeling blue! your little pouch is adorable!

  3. Your pouch is just darling - a true gift of the heart, and how fun to make it for the person who brought you the fabric - from Turkey, no less! You should make another for yourself.

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