Friday, August 5, 2022

Summer Sewing

This summer I brought with me a couple of fabric bundles on my vacation. The plan was to make a couple of quilt tops.


 After winning this great bundle of Valentine's fabrics from @thedancingbobbin I added some white solid to make calm down the design a little and to make the quilt a good size for a charity quilt.

I didn't want to cut the prints down too much to loose the detailed designs, so a traditional patchwork layout with blocks cut 4.5" and the remaining scraps cut into 2.5" blocks for four-patches made use of the entire fabric bundle!

 The quilting was done after I came home. Here's the whole quilt laid out on my deck. Quilted in a simple crosshatch design with Aurifil thread in white, and with a striped binding attatched. The finished quilt size is 48"60".


 The second bundle also got some additional white solid added. This is a smaller one of 40"x48" with a cute sheep-counting backing. The quilting is done as one the previous quilt, but this time I added another striped binding from my stash.

These are my fifth and sixth charity quilts for the year 2022, and number 84 and 85 all time for the children's ward at the hospital.

Keep on quilting!


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