Saturday, February 20, 2021

Chase Winter Away - Project Quilting 12.4

My entry for the Project Quilting Challenge 12.4 - Snail's Trail is my hope to chase this long, cold winter away.

My scrappy mug rug/coaster started with the green fabric. I long for spring here in the snow covered landscape. Spring greens will bring with them yellow, orange and red red flowers. The swirl of warm colors will heat up the place, but as you can see in the binding it will take a while before the snow has disappeared from the shaded areas.

 Happy quilting!


  1. Så liten og søt. Dette var en artig blokk å prøve seg på. Litt plunder til å begynne med, men fikk taket på den etterhvert.

  2. I'm with you on chasing away the winter and all that it brings with it! We've got huge piles of snow that will bring floods when it melts, but soon after, the lovely greens of spring will appear. Love your sweet mug rug and the happy colors!

  3. You - so ready to chase away winter. I love this block - and a great snails trail for PQ! Never think of it like a card trick, but the way you colored it reminded me of one - but so much better.


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