Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sunday Cleaning

Have you cleaned your sewing machine lately? Being inspired by other bloggers I decided to remove the bottom cover of my Necchi and clean it out.

I regularly clean the bobbin area, but haven't opened the bottom plate before. This is what I found, Yikes!!! Look at all the lint that has accumulated over the years!

The inner works is full of little grey rabbits! It really needs a good spa treatment, and I can do a lot myself.

I used the sewing machine brush and got it all out. Now the sewing machine should have a much better performance than before.

This is a treatment that most of you can do yourself, there is a lot of lint accumulating in your sewing machine over time.

I will definitely do this regularly, once or twice a year should be appropriate, in addition to a good bobbin clean out after each project is completed.

Keep on quilting!

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