Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Crossed Canoes and the Troll - A Fairytale

The Crossed Canoes and the Troll - A Fairytale

Once upon a time there was a quiltmaker who was going to make a quilt for the children's ward at her local hospital. She received fabrics, threads and batting from Island Batik, Aurifil and Hobbs in her Ambassador shipment.

In addition there was a big surprise in the box, a Crossed Canoes cutting die for the AccuQuilt fabric cutter.

The blocks were effectively cut out in a couple of hours.

The Crossed Canoes blocks were made in blues, greens, greys and blacks batik foundations, and they were happily floating around on the wooden floor. There was even room for a canoe block in bright and happy Check It Out batiks!

The canoes longed to be launched on the lake or the sea, because that's where they are supposed to be, right!

The quiltmaker didn't make a lake for them, she made a checkerboard of the neutrals Almond and Milk Shake to go in between the canoes. An almond-milkshake lake! Yummy!

Can you spot the block turned the wrong way? The quiltmaker didn't notice it before she had started quilting, but luckily she managed to turn it around before it was too late!

The quilting resembles a cascade or waterfall, where the energy of the water is high, and where the canoes may get into trouble.

The canoes were finally let outside, and loved the open air and the low sunlight. But, it would definitely be better to get on the water!

Aaah, horizontal at last! But, hey, are you going to take us to the lake, soon?

The quilt was made in a house that is pretty far away from the lake and sea, but close to the forest. So the quilt was taken on a tour in the wilderness.

The first stop was in a play area where the quilt wanted to become a tipi. Unfortunately it was a little bit too small to cover the whole structure, so the search for water continued.

The troll was very spooky, it grabbed the quilt and wouldn't let go! "Let us go, let us go!" cried the canoes. "We have to find the lake!"

The troll grumpily let the canoes loose. "Don't come back to this forest ever again!" said the troll.

The search for water continued, but the hike took them to higher grounds. "The roots of this fairytale tree must go down to water, but it is no way we could get down there", said the canoes. "Let's search the area!"

"No water here", said the canoes. "Just an old and dry dinosaur spine!"

The canoes got tired and discouraged by the futile search for water. On the way back to the house they took a rest on a fence.

But, hey, what's in the horizon?! The SEA! It is the fjord with plenty of water for canoes, yeah!

Zooming in, the canoes could see a ship! Hurray! Finally, the right element for the Crossed Canoes were found!

The End


The Crossed Canoes quilt will not end up in the fjord, but will be donated to the children's ward at the hospital. The hospital is almost visible behind the trees at the left of this picture. So the canoes will stay a lot closer to the sea, while they are comforting a sick child.

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The September challenge for the Island Batik ambassadors was the following: 

"Let your inner child come out to play!  Color, fun and playful are all for grabs this month! 
Make a quilt for a kid that you love or to donate to a kid that needs comfort. 
Clear out space for magic & whimsy when creating this month!"

The products featured in this post were given to me by Island Batik.

Quilt stats:
Size: 45" x 63"
Fabrics: Island Batik Foundations, Check It Out, Almond, Milk Shake
Binding: Solid black batik
Thread: Aurifil 50wt, #2024 (white) for piecing and #2843 (light grey green) for quilting
Batting: Hobbs Cotton batting
Crossed Canoes 9" die from AccuQuilt

This is my eighth charity quilt for the year, and 37th all time for the children's ward at the hospital.


  1. What a beautiful quilt and such a pretty place for your photo shoot.

  2. Loved all the fun places your quilt got to visit! You are a story teller for sure!!!

  3. What a fun little story! Still working on one to pull my canoes together, but I think it will come.

  4. I love these colors, love the Almond Milshake alternating blocks, and I really love the crossed canoes. Thanks for such a fun story!

  5. Alternating the block with neutral nine patches was genius!

  6. Love this design. I see dragon flies in this quilt.


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