Monday, June 4, 2018

Wisdom Testing

This is the wise eye, the eye that sees and understands everything! But, it still got that little twinkle that shows it got a sense of humor!

I have been pattern testing for Berene of Happy Sew Lucky, and this is a piece of her latest pattern that will be available later in June.

I am very pleased with the colors and layout of this piece. The grey background enhances the colors of the eye, and the complementary colors of the banner and letters is a great visual effect. I am also pleased with how the directional green fabric of the banner worked out in the paper piecing process.

This is the ninth Tattoo pattern by Berene that I have tested. The next one in line is Respect, looking forward to it!


  1. Well isn’t that a unique pattern! Nice work! ephdra at gmail dot com


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