Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Arkansas Crossroads Quilt

This is my latest charity quilt. It is made from a kit I won from Quilt Sandwich Fabrics some time ago. Blocks of matching solids were added to make a decent sized donation quilt from the available amount of fabrics.

My quilt holder (aka husband) and I took the finished product out on a photo shoot in the most perfect location, as far as I can see it. The forest area next to my home is loaded with these muted greys, greens and browns, and is the perfect contrast to the bright colors of the quilt.

The forest floor is loaded with roots. Here you can also see a glimpse of the backing fabric.

The forest is a gorgeous recreational area, and I use it a lot. It is just perfect for photo shoots, you just have to be careful where you step so you don't fall off the edge!

Back home again and the quilt is displayed on my porch wall. The finished quilt is approximately 48"x72" and is quilted with wavy lines using the walking foot.

This is my fourth charity quilt for the year, and number 24 all time for the children's ward at my local hospital.

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