Sunday, March 25, 2018

Modern Charity Quilt

Winter has taken a strong hold in my place of the world, and I really need spring colors!

I haven't made many modern quilts before, but I would love to design and make more. This is my own design, inspired by other quilts I have seen on the Internet.

The floral print is the main attraction.Yellow and green are spring colors for me, and absolutely necessary to make this quilt complete.

It is almost Easter, and the snow is still deep.

The quilt top was put together in one afternoon. The quilting and binding by machine was done the next day.

The quilt is 49" x 60", and will be donated to my local hospital.

The low sun in the morning helps showing off the quilting design. A modern quilt is often quilted with straight lines, and so is this one, with the addition of quilted circles in the yellow sections for extra interest.

The backing is a red print with pink polka dots. A strip of a text print is added for extra width.

This is my second charity quilt for 2018, and my number 22 to the hospital since I started quilting.

Happy quilting!

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