Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Progress on my Color Me Happy Quilt

This indoor picture of a quilted Color Me Happy quilt is the best I can do right now. It is late in the evening, a lot of snow outside, and the binding is not yet on.

The starting point of this quilt is described in this post. A couple of years ago I won a stack of "Turnovers" (or 10" triangles) of Color Me Happy by V & Co. I have never seen this pre-cut before or after. What should I make from these 40 triangles?

I added a stripe of contrasting solids in between the triangles, made twenty 10" blocks, and added 15 solid blocks in grey, light blue and white. The layout of the quilt is kind of random/modern. I will show better pictures of the quilt when I have put binding on it and manage to get home when there is still daylight.

This will become a charity quilt for the children's ward at my local hospital. It is approximately 47" x  66" before washing and drying. It was quilted with an all-over swirls&loops design. I think I will put a navy binding on it, and then it will fit both boys and girls.

I am thereby close to finishing my first goal for the 2016 Finish-A-Long!


  1. it still looks happy, even in the late snowy evening! i bet it makes you happy on such nights. happy binding!

  2. I always find the triangle a hard to use precut, but you did a great job with yours.

  3. what a good way to use the triangles, very creative to have come up with this


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