Friday, January 8, 2016

My 2016 Finish-A-Long list for Q1

2016 FAL

A new year, with new opportunities! This will be the year when I finish a lot of UFOs (or WIPs as I like to call them). I have joined the 2016 Finish-A-Long to help me focus on unfinished projects, and get an incentive and push to complete them in this Quarter.

My first goal is to hand quilt and finish this Baby Quilt.

 Last year I started making the QM Bitty Blocks, along with many others. But, I have not seen very many completed projects on blogs!

I did the Bow Ties, Baskets and Log Cabins before it stopped, or paused. My Goal #2 is to make more of these super cute blocks made of scraps, and to complete a quilt, most likely a small one, but even though!

My third goal is to turn this stack of triangles, or Turnovers as they are called, into a quilt of some kind. I won the stack of 40 triangles in a giveaway a year or two ago. I haven't seen this pre-cut around a lot, and it will be interesting to start working with it!

My fourth and last goal for this quarter is to complete the quilt top for the quilt Love Squared. This has been a goal in last year's FAL, but I never managed to start making it. I hope I will manage it this time!

See the lists for the other participants here.

Keep on quilting!


  1. Greit å sette seg mål. Du har jo mye fint her som trenger å bli ferdig. Jeg har også tenkt på å lage en slik liste. Kanskje kan jeg få noe ferdig. Jeg elsker å starte på noe nytt, men synes det er vanskeligere å gjøre alt ferdig.

  2. I haven't seen many turnover precuts either. I wonder if they still sell them, or if they didn't go over very well. Best wishes with your projects. They look like neat ones.


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