Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring is in the Air

My Spring Chicken decided to stay on the outside of a drawstring bag. The bag had to be 10" x 15" for her to fit in.

Of course the chicken had to bring some eggs with her, and they are safely put on the back of the bag.

Will the eggs stay warm in the bag? If it gets a little cold, then the Pyramid Egg Warmer by easypatchwork will do the trick.

Thanks to my patient stone-egg model for showing off the design.

Oops, where did she go?

Well, enough of this nonsense (?), I have waited to publish pictures of a project of mine for a long time. The problem was just that the recipients read my blog, so I had to keep it a secret until the mail reached its destination.

Three cute fabric boxes survived the long trip, and they are all in good condition. Hope they will come to good use!

Linked up to LAFF #111 at Richard and Tanya's blog, and Fabic Frenzy Friday #9 .


  1. Your fabric boxes are gorgeous lucky recipient! love the chicken!

  2. Love that chicken bag,just adorable! Those baskets are pretty sweet as well.

  3. I love your Spring Chicken bag - and the surprise eggs on the back!

  4. Disse boksene her er så flotte. Har tenkt å sy meg noen slike, men skjønner ikke helt hvor jeg skal ta tiden fra.

  5. Very pretty boxes. I love the chicken. Where did you find the chicken pattern? I would love to make some chickens.


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