Sunday, October 20, 2013

Progress on Modern Trees Quilt Along

I have made good progress on Christa's Quilt Along, Modern Trees, and the quilt top is finished. My improv trees are not bright, but in in warm/wintery colors. The picture of the complete quilt top taken indoors doesn't give enough credit to the tree-colors, so here is a detail picture of the topmost trees.

The trees a little further down are shown here. The colors of the trees are warm red, green of different nuances, neutrals, and white with tiny gold hearts. This gives an old-fashioned wintery/Christmas look.

Here is the completed quilt top in its whole clory. I added 2" solid white around the trees, and then a solid moss-green narrow border. To complete the top, I added a border of white/ecru fabric with a design in gold, which complements the tiny golden hearts in the trees. I am sorry that the colors don't show off as they are in real life, that's due to bleak winter light.

The way the trees are organized there is a lot of negative space. I wonder how Christa is suggesting to quilt this one?! We will just have to wait and see!

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