Thursday, August 8, 2013

Swoon Pillows completed

Here are the two finished pillows, they measure 20" x 20". Quilted with my walking foot. They look good in my new sofa!

The back is made of a fabric I bought at IKEA three years ago. Unfortunately they don't sell this fabric anymore...

The Swoons were fun to make, and I will probably make more of these. Or maybe I will try to make a Carpenter's Star, instead?

Linked up to Richard's and Tanya's blog.


  1. Such a beautiful stars! Beautiful combination of colors and pattern! I like the quilting very much! It makes the pillows!

  2. love the swoon pillows! im making a swoon quilt and hope I have the motivation to make some pillows once I finish the quilt. isn't ikea fabric great for backing?


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