Sunday, August 11, 2013

Cat quilt

With the new sofa we got this week, and the combination of having a 15 year old cat, a cat quilt became a necessity. Our previous sofa was a leather one, but with the new in light grey fabric, a cat protection was needed.

Here he is on the quilt for the very first time. It was not love at first sight, because 20 seconds later he had jumped down on the floor. Later the same evening, though, he spent a couple of hours there, sleeping. So it is definitely cat approved.

Technically, this is not a quilt, since I omitted the batting. The top is made from recycled heavyweight cotton. Each square was cut to 5 1/2". The backing is also heavyweight cotton. The quilting was very simple, straight lines in dark grey a presser-foot's width away from the seams on both sides. I finished it off with a solid dark grey binding.

This project was completed in a few hours. Now my cat has a new, favorite spot on the couch. The sofa is protected with a good looking quilt, and everybody is happy!

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