Sunday, January 13, 2013

Easy Street quilt top finished!

All the 2377 small pieces, if I did my math correct, are sewn together. The quilt top is finished and all that is missing is the inner and outer border. Here it is on top of my bed.

This picture gives more credit to the colors. Picture taking late in the afternoon indoors is never the best idea when it comes to lighting.

All in all, piecing Easy Street was a great experience! This was my first mystery quilt, and the biggest quilt I have made, ever! After starting quilting just over a year ago, I now feel confident in starting larger and more complex projects. Thanks to Bonnie for making this mystery and posting all the excellent clues and instructions for the piecing!

The hunt for border fabrics will begin!

Here is the link to the progress of the other participants in this mystery.


  1. Så nydelig. Kjekt å få den ferdig,da. Jeg fikk akkurat mer grønt i posten igår. Så nå kan jeg også gå videre med dette teppet. Men jeg vil nok bruke litt mer tid, fordi jeg liker å være i prosessen. Må ikke bli for fort ferdig.

  2. Waouw Anita, your quilt is superb, and so big. It makes me realise what I'm working on to see yours on your bed. Wonderful work.

  3. Så flott teppet ditt ble, Anita!
    A lovely quilt! I am also working on Easy street and I am looking forward to finishing it :
    Liv Aagot :)


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