Saturday, April 7, 2012

I am happy!

Last night i finished my stitchery folder from Gail Pan, 'Stitch me happy'. This morning I took it outside for a photo-shoot in the SNOW(!) and minus 4 degrees centigrade(!). Hey, wait a minute, I thought April means spring!? I have never seen so much snow this time of year as long as I have lived in this town. For the photo-shoot I used my bicycle as support, and you can clearly see the snow-covered ground.
The stichery folder was started last weekend at Gail's & Helen's class. Now I only have to complete the other projects I started there.

A few more pictures of the folder are attached below. I very much appreciate the fabrics that Siw at Quiltegården put together for this project, they look so delicate and stunning together! The buttons added my personal touch to the folder. I am pleased!

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