Monday, April 2, 2012

Class is over for now

I had a wonderful time at Gail's & Helen's class during the weekend. A lot of great ladies and two excellent teachers! I will never forget Gail's and Helen's snow angles!
I did not finish any projects, but I hope I will have time to work on some of them during Easter. Here's the one I came furthest along with:
At the class my quilt guild 'advertised' the charity project that they started, we will make quilts for long-term ill children at the local hospital. I volunteered to join the project, and took this bunch of fabrics with me home to create a quilt. There may be some pinwheels hiding in here, someplace. Let's see what the result will be; time will show...

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  1. Flott innsats - det skal bli spennende å se resultatet.


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