Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Another Charity Quilt

My local hospital is always in need of charity quilts for the children's ward. Before summer I made this quilts from leftover novelty prints and additional black solid squares. There is a lot to look at in the novelty prints, and the solid gives a nice rest for the eyes.

The fabrics in the quilt is kind of busy so I chose to quilt it with a simple crosshatch design in brick red with the walking foot. The quilt will be a good comfort for a sick child in a difficult time.

Now I have made 18 charity quilts for the hospital, and 4 this far in 2017. My goal of 6 by the end of the year is in reach!

Keep on quilting!

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  1. so good to make these for the hospital one thing that worries me is that I have been told they wash them at 90 degrees not sure how the wadding will stand up to such a hot wash and the cotton they say should be washed at 30 degrees have you heard if this i true or not?


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