Thursday, February 23, 2017

Testing, Testing...

Earlier this month I was lucky to be accepted as a pattern tester for Happy Sew Lucky for a paper-pieced pattern. She was looking for intermediate level paper-piecers, and I had the courage to jump in with both feet...

I received a pdf of a whopping 17 pages long pattern, and initially started to get second thoughts about this project. But, I decided to challenge myself and continue and do my best. I have not really had that much experience with foundation paper-piecing, but with working on The Splendid Sampler blocks the last year I have gained experience with it, and now paper-piecing is one of my favorites.

 Berene of Happy Sew Lucky chose to make the Breastplate as it is one of the symbols historically to symbolize courage. I chose almost the same colors as the originals, but I changed the dark grey from a solid to a print of tiny black flowers on a dark grey background. My background fabric is not as fancy as Berene's, my low-volume stash is is not that extensive.

The instructions in Berene's pattern are very well written, and they are not intimidating at all. Yes, there is a lot to do, and the start of the pattern with piecing of the text is tedious and fiddly to some extent, but it is absolutely workable if you just follow the pattern to the point.

This is a work-in-progress shot. Thankfully, when the text was done the rest of the pieces were bigger, and less time-consuming. The pattern is well written, and it is fairly easy to get the pieces to match. Berene's instructions on how to tackle Y-seams are excellent, and I will never fear them again!

Here is the final result, the Courage Tattoo designed by Happy Sew Lucky and pieced by me.

I am very pleased with the result! This is my biggest and most complicated paper-pieced project so far, and now I am eager to expand my skills!

A detail shot of  the breastplate with the heart.

I am so happy I had the courage to volunteer testing this pattern, it has expanded my skills to a great extent, and now I am ready to work on even more detailed and complicated paper-pieced projects.

This was fun, and thanks to Berene of Happy Sew Lucky for an excellent pattern!

I will quilt this piece and hang it on my wall to remind me that I can do whatever I set my mind to, it is just a question of COURAGE!

Keep on quilting!


  1. Wow!!! Very cool! This looks like a very neatly pieced block. Well done you. I like the banner saying 'courage'. You might want to keep it close for the round robin - ha ha

  2. looks very fiddly mind you I have not done any paper piecing at all maybe it is time I had a go!

  3. Definitely cool design and you did a terrific job on it.

  4. You did a great job testing. I really like this pattern, I will have to watch for it's release!


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