Monday, January 16, 2017

2016 Aurifil Quilt Top

This must be some kind of a record for me, it is only the middle of January and already I have completed the quilt top for the 2016 Aurifil Designer of the Month!

The completed top was taken out for a photo shoot in the snow. The light is a little bleak, though, but the blues and the pops of color in the sashing brightens up the scene. I chose to make all my blocks in blues and white, as what the 12 different designers did.

The blocks laid out before assembling.

Grey sashing and black cornerstones added in between the blocks before auditioning borders. I chose light grey solid as the main border color, with pops of bright colors as extension of the sashing. None of the borders are the same width. I borrowed this idea from @kupitis on Instagram, and I like the modern feeling it gives to the quilt.

A detail of the quilt top.

Another picture of the top taken outside in the snow.

I will now take a little break to think about how to quilt this beauty. In the mean time there are other projects to be worked on...

Keep on quilting!


  1. Beautiful Anita =) And my, you were fast! Congratulations. I like the layout it is all modern and engaging.

  2. I like the quilt but it's way too cold for outside pictures!

  3. this has worked beautifuly loving the sashing and splash of colour on the broders

  4. What a fun layout for your sampler blocks!
    I'd like to get mine together but don't have a layout idea yet....


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