Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Double Stars for Katrin

As this month's Queen Bee, Katrin chose the Double Star block. The colors she chose were among others citron, mustard yellow, bright orange, with the occasional accent of aqua thrown in.

The blocks were received by our Queen  Bee yesterday, so it is perfectly OK for me to reveal them now.

I went hunting in my stash, and I couldn't stop with just one block, I had to make two.

The first block has some cute daisies in the center on a light blue background. Well, it isn't completely aqua, but close enough. The center of the flowers, though, match the yellow and orange of the star, perfectly, if you ask me. The neutral blender livens up the block, and the off white solid calms everything down.

For the second block I found an interesting charm block from Kate Spain (Cuzco) with lots of aqua in it, and with a nice design. The yellow of the star is mixed with black, so it turns out looking dark mustard. The dark blue looks even darker on the photo than in real life. The neutral in this block is a Cotton + Steel print.

Katrin is pleased with the blocks, and she is looking forward to receiving blocks from the 10 other members of the Bee Hive. I think she will make a gorgeous quilt in the end!

Keep on quilting!


  1. lovely blocks, have not made one of these before so will have a go and see what happens

  2. Yes, I am very pleased with them. Thanks again, Anita


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