Sunday, February 14, 2016

All in a Row

A couple of weeks ago I was so lucky to win the book "Moda All-Stars - All in a Row" 24 Row-by-Row Quilt Designs. I won the book in a blog hop hosted by Moda, and the actual day it was Barbara Brackman who gave away a copy of the book.

I spent quite some time going through the book deciding on which row to make. I finally ended up with the classic pattern Double Stars that Barbara made a version of in traditional pinks and brown repro fabrics.

I decided to go a different way: I have  an almost complete collection of 'Birchtree Lane' by Connecting Threads, and  with some additional neutrals from the same manufacturer, I knew this would look great.

After having made 2 of Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilts (Easy Street and Celtic Solstice) I have learned to appreciate cutting the pieces with the Easy Angle and Companion Angle rulers. This means no waste! Here are all the pieces for the row.

Here is my complete pieced row caught in the low sun rays of February. The row is actually pressed quite well, but the light shows off all the bumps and folds in the skinny. I like to photograph quilts this way, you really catch the topography of the quilt top, it is not a flat structure.

A close-up shows the little blue star inside the bigger green and brown one. (Yes, I should have cleaned off some lint before I took the picture, but I was in in a hurry due to the fading light).

The skinny is 8" x 48", and I haven't really decided whether I will quilt and complete it as it is, or make additional rows from the book and make a wall hanging out of the assembly.

I also took a picture away from direct sunlight and with the lint removed. Here it is easier to see the design. This was a fun weekend project!

Keep on sewing and quilting!


  1. this is very nice the book sounds like a great win and I am sure you will be making more rows

  2. Congratulations on your win. Love your fabric choice, it looks lovely.

    Smiles from

  3. Beautifully done! It would make a very nice table runner if you were to finish it as a skinny quilt.

  4. Love your fabrics! Congrats on winning the book....


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