Monday, July 6, 2015

Colorful inspiraton + progress

Lately, working on the Blurred Vision quilt and the set of Swoon pillows, there has not been an abundance of colors here on the blog. There has mainly been teal and aqua around. Since this is July with plenty of flowers in bloom, I feel I have to incorporate more brightness into my blog.

Firstly, I stumbled onto this gorgeous piece of fiber art at my local hospital:

It is an amazing piece, a wall hanging that seems to consist of wool threads in different colors glued (or fastened, somehow) onto a background fabric. The wall hanging was behind a reception desk, so I was not able to check it out in more detail. Maybe this will be the inspiration to a new quilt?

I just had to include the two last pictures; two flower arrangements I spotted outside an office building.

The summer flowers show off so nicely against the grey slate on the ground, these are the real colors of summer!

Then it is back to my two-colored world; DS2 helped me basting this quilt on a big conference table at work this weekend. I have just started quilting the Blurred Vision quilt; more details to follow...

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