Monday, June 29, 2015

Set of Two Swoon Pillows Completed

The set of two 20" Swoon pillows are now completed. Simple, yet effective, straight line quilting performed as on all the other pillows I have done with this pattern.

For the first time I have made a zipper closure on the back of the pillows, from the tutorial from made by ChrissieD

The pillow set looks quite stylish now! Then it is off piecing the quilt back for the Optical Illusion quilt.


  1. Great idea to use a swoon block for a cushion. they look really lovely, I love the colours you've chosen

  2. Your Swoon pillows look great. Nice zipper too. I've not done one for a pillow back.

  3. I love the swoon block, and you've done it great justice here, those blues are beautiful. Well done on the zipper, I despair with zips sometimes - I'll check out that tutorial, thank you.

  4. These gorgeous pillows are going to be such a compliment to their setting. Love the straight line quilting!

  5. Love the pillows! Thank you for sharing the tutorial link.


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