Sunday, October 5, 2014

Two Mug Rugs for Swap ready for traveling

My two mug rugs for the  Neighbours and Friends Live Here Mug Rug Swap, designed by the Stitcing Cow are now completed and ready for a long travel to Australia.

Here they are on the grass of my lawn on October 5. We have had a fantastic fall with temperatures way over normal, the fresh flowers popping up is an evidence of that. Normally we would have had the first freeze by now, but so far in October it feels like spring!

The mug rugs are a mix of appliqué and embroidery, with pieced borders for finishing. I hop my swap partner will enjoy them!


  1. They are beautiful and I would enjoy them! Particularly the one with the brown house and the butterfly!

  2. Your finished mug rugs are adorable! What a lucky swap partner. Nice work, Anita!

  3. They are gorgeous - too nice to put a mug on but perfect to brighten up a table!


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