Sunday, October 26, 2014

Maple Leaves and Apple Crop

The maple leaves on my design wall are multiplying, there are only 14 more to go. When I checked my stash, I have plenty of fabrics that are suitable for this quilt. It will be a colorful one, appropriate for the season.

To speed up the process, I am doing a lot of chain piecing, and the quilt comes together quite fast. I am using the Easy Angle to cut the half square triangles from 4 1/2" strips, which means there are minimal waste.

Apart from piecing I have been very busy taking care of my apple crop. You can see on the picture above the size of the apples we had this year!  Here is a selection of what has been made so far with the apples. Today I made Apple Jelly, in the jar with red lid on the picture. The jar with the grey lid contains Chunky Apple Sauce. The bottles contain Apple Juice and Concentrated Apple Juice, respectively.

I have also made Apple Muffins, and I guess there will be a few Apple Cakes and Pies in the future. The apples are actually very good to eat as they are, they are really sweet. They are my preferred fruit for the season.  But I have to process more apples so I won't loose too many, because they do not keep too long in our basement.

Now I am going to assemble a delicious apple dessert containing chunky apple sauce, bread crumbs fried in butter, and whipped cream. Everything put together in layers. Yummy!


  1. Your dessert sounds delicious, Anita! Wish I could be there. You have been so busy making good things! Love your maple leaves, too!

  2. Oh, I love your maple leaves. I bought fabric to do the same thing, but haven't got around to it yet. I think I need to!


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