Saturday, September 20, 2014

Work in progress and Blog Hop next week!

There has not been much time for sewing lately, but now, after having finished the secret projects for the Rush Hour blog hop I finally had time to sit down and create something else. I chose to start on a charity quilt for the Children's Ward at my local hospital.

The fabric I have for the quilt includes among other items these cute panels of barns and farm animals. The panels are quite big and I want to keep them as they are and build the other fabrics around them. I think this will be a pretty fast quilt to finish. I know it will make a little child very happy!
Next week I will be joining the Rush Hour blog hop, the schedule is HERE . My day is on the first day of the hop, so please visit me on Tuesday; there will be a giveaway, too!
Now I have to continue piecing blocks for my charity quilt, it is so much fun sewing again!


  1. Så bra at du syr slike tepper, og med et slikt flott stoff. Kommer tilbake på bloghop-dagen din. God helg!

  2. Så hyggelig å kunne glede barn på sykehus med en så fin quilt!


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