Friday, May 16, 2014

Jewel Box: Blogger's Quilt Festival

Thank you if you are visiting from Blogger's Quilt Festival. and thanks to Amy who is in the background organizing everything.

This is my entry in the Mini Quilt category.

Jewel Box

The above picture is taken in the woods. The stippling in the white areas makes the bright jewels pop. The straight line quilting in the blue/green areas gives the quilt a modern touch.

More pictures from the process of making this quilt can be found HERE.

Finished quilt measures: 16" x 24"
Quilting: Machine quilted, straight lines and stippling, done by me
Category: Mini Quilt

Happy quilting!


  1. Pretty quilt. Love all the colors.

  2. Very cool - great fabric choices!

  3. The jewels do pop out. Great name for a beautiful quilt.

  4. It looks like you could snap one of the jewels and wear on your finger! Well done.

  5. such a lovely mini quilt, great pattern


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