Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Quilting Day!

I have celebrated the day by sewing down the last meter of the binding on my Celtic Solstice. All together there was almost 9 meters, and  I spent about 3 evenings/days of hand stitching it to the back.

I got the beauty back from the quilter, Merete Ellingsen, a week ago, but I was busy with a hand-sewing class the whole weekend, and  didn't have the energy to start the binding before a few days ago. Merete, as always, did a fantastic job with the quilting.

I had to take indoor pictures, because we had a blizzard today, March 15! We have not had any snow fall since January 10, and that is very uncommon. We have had a lot warmer temperatures this spring than normal, and everybody was sort of getting ready for spring. But, last night, Winter decided to return.

The sun appeared for five minutes in the afternoon, and the low sunbeams show off the gorgeous quilting.

Concerning the binding, I had to spend some time choosing the right one. I didn't want to buy new fabric for it, and the one I had in mind did not work out. The quilt has lots of colors, in a scrappy, busy design. I chose a quite wide green border to get the quilt in queen size. I auditioned many different fabrics for binding, and none of the were right, until I found this black one with daisies.

I have used several black-on-white fabrics in the quilt, but I never thought I would use a mainly black binding for the Celtic Soltice quilt! But the white lines of the daisies soften up the fabric, and it really works out, don't you think?!

I will take more pictures when the weather improves; the quilt deserves to be portrayed in the correct colors.

Beside finishing up CS, I also basted my 2013 Aurifil Quilt, and started quilting it. My ALYoF goal for March is to quilt and bind this one . More work is ready for the next few days!

Happy Quilting Day!

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  1. Congratulations!! I love the binding! I can't wait to see the whole quilt! Mine is not finished yet...


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