Sunday, January 5, 2014

Modern Trees - started quilting

I am doing the Celtic Mystery, and last Sunday I was finished with Part 5 and thought I would have a few days to work with another project before the next clue was posted on the following Friday. That was a perfect day to start quilting the trees of my Modern Trees quilt. I follow  Christa's Quilt Along , and try to do all the steps she has is this one. I am trying to improve my FMQ skills, and she has got fabulous instructions.

I managed to quilt a few trees before we got the big surprise; Bonnie Hunter revealed the layout of the completed Mystery Quilt just after midnight on January 1st. Of course I had to sew together a few of the mystery blocks to get a feel of how the finished quilt would look. Then I pulled my self together and finished the FMQ of all the 15 trees before this project was set aside in favor of finishing Celtic Solstice.

I am really pleased with how it turned out, and I am not afraid of continuing later with quilting all that negative space.

Here is a few sneak peaks on how my trees will look. I use an all white background, and the quilt also has a solid white backing, so the quilting is clearly visible.

This is what you will see until I come a little further in the quilting process. I really enjoy practising my FMQ skills, and I can see a lot of improvement, already. You just have to jump into it with both your feet and believe in your self!

Now I will get a good night's sleep, before it is back to power-sewing on Celtic Solstice tomorrow.


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