Sunday, January 19, 2014

Celtic Solstice Top 100% Completed

Just a few minutes ago I sewed the last border on my Celtic Solstice quilt top, and it is now officially completed!

As compared to Bonnie's original version measuring 75" square, I added a checkerboard of blue and neutral four patches on top and bottom to lengthen the quilt, after a tip from a fellow blogger.. In addition I made the outer green border wider, and as per now my quilt top measures 89.5"x83.5". This will make it fit my queen size bed.

Here is a closer look of the checkerboard. I am very happy about the colors I decided for this extension. They help balance the busy top against the sort of monochrome (actually two-colored) border.

As always, indoor pictures are never the best. But, with cold winter weather outside, including a freezing wind, this is all I can offer today.

Now I have to start piecing the back of the quilt. I have the fabric ready, and I will add some leftover blocks from the front, also. I think it will be an interesting and colorful backside!


Here is a little peak of the pieced back. I found room for some leftover checkerboard, and I also had to display more of my elephants! There is a lot of this yellow/white elephant fabric on the front, but due to the size of these blocks the elephants didn't get a prominent display. That is all taken care of now!

I have to hurry finishing the back so I can send the quilt off to Merete for quilting. She did such a perfect job with my Easy Street one year ago.

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  1. Congratulations!! It looks really great! Very nice extesion blocks as well! You can be proud of this big, lovely quilt, Anita!!

  2. Beautiful quilt! Great idea to add the checkerboard!

  3. Wow. Got to love a pieced back. :)

  4. Your quilt is beautiful and the checkerboard border......perfect!

  5. Your quilt looks good and the borders complete the picture.

  6. Congratulations, You have a great idea with the checkerboard. Hugs from Brazil.

  7. It turned out beautifully! I love how you gave the elephants some space of their own.


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