Thursday, January 9, 2014

Celtic Solstice - assembled

Here is my Celtic Solstice top completed, just missing the border outside the pieced border. This is how far I managed to get before I have to pack up my top and head for home across the Atlantic.

I have decided to lengthen the quilt by adding a row of four-patches on top and bottom, and add a wider green border all around the quilt. This will make it fit a queen-size bed (almost). I will have to decide on the colors of the four-patches on the plane back home.

If you remember a post of mine earlier in the process of this quilt, you may recognize the posh cat lady in the picture above. She has got a central position in the quilt.
When Bonnie made the final reveal on New Year's Day, I was surprised that the orange and blue blocks were to be the outer pieced border. Most of the orange fabric are my last Halloween remnants! It works out OK, though!

Corn fabric, witches, and black cats are lining up around the quilt in a never ending queue. They are well behaved, though.

To sum up; all the fabric used in this quilt, except for the inner neutral border and the soon to become green outside border, are from my own stash. It should have reduced the fabric on my shelves, but, fabric sales here were to tempting, and I am bringing home more than I used in this quilt. Good deals are good deals, and you don't walk away from them if you are a quiltoholic! Let's see if I manage to put them all in my suitcase...
Bonnie's site  shows links to a great deal of the more or less finished Celtic Solstice quilts, take a look at the gorgeous art work!



  1. Nydelig! Lenge til jeg kommer så langt. Men med all den støtte jeg har fått fra deg og andre quiltere, så tok jeg fram igjen delene og sydde masse idag. Blir spennnede å se hva du har kjøpt av nye stoffer.

  2. You are so clever, Anita - well done! The quilt looks fabulous, and the cats are so well fitting in :) I wish you a safe journey ;)

  3. Å så flott det ble. :-)
    Kan tenke meg at du har trangt om plass I kofferten. Det er så mye fristende å finne Ower There.!
    God tur hjem.


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